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NWMS Beautification
November 7th: 8am to 4pm
November 8th: 1pm to 5pm

Want to know what projects we have?  Maybe there is an area that you wish to take on?  Below are the areas we have identified and will be needing assistance with.  If you are not available on the 10th or 11th, or maybe want to go ahead and tackle an area, please feel free to let us know!  We are grateful for anytime you may have, now or later.  

Want to make a cash donation in lieu of physically helping us?  We take cash!  

Please use this PayPal link to donate to our Beautification Project.  

Want to sign up to help?  

Please use this link to signup to volunteer!

Students who wish to obtain service learning hours will need to complete their pre-approval form.  Please proceed in getting this done as soon as you can.  

Mulching and River Rock Needs
River Rock Area.jpeg
Cafeteria Natural Area 1.jpg
River Rock Preference.jpg

The PTSO has already begun renovation of the front area of the school to increase our curb appeal.  We have tilled the front area and installed many new plants.  We have also installed solar lighting to highlight the Viking logos on the windows at night.  Additionally, an irrigation system has been installed as well.  


Next up: installing the mulch (located on site) and spreading.  Additionally, we are needing approximately 2 tons of river rock purchased and installed along the edges to keep the mulch from running out onto the sidewalks during rains.  

Paint Car Rider Lines and Parking Spaces

The lane lines, parking space lines, arrows, speed bumps, and fire department markings have all faded to the point they are almost hard to see. We will need these items repainted.  We have the paint marking machines for the lines and paint for the lines, arrows and words.  We just need people to paint!

Volunteers will need to bring their own rags and paint brushes.  Paint will be provided to you!

Front Brick Wall
Brick Wall.jpg

The sidewall needs a fresh coat of paint.  We will need a gallon of oil-based external paint from Sherwin Williams,  in "Stolen Kiss".  This can be rolled or sprayed.  You will need to provide your own painting tools. 


Outdoor Counter/Island
Bar Area 2.jpg

There is a very nice "bar" area on the outside patio that we would like to make more functional for a teacher to use as their workspace for an outside classroom.  The island needs to be repainted, maybe our Viking logo painted on, and some shelving installed underneath.  We are open to any fun idea you may have!​

We are also interested in an idea you have for the back wall that a teacher could use for material presentations.

Bar Area 1.jpg
Sign Area
Sign Area 1.jpg

The front sign area needs a little bit of trimming.  There is a crape myrtle whose shoots have gone wild and need to be pulled up.  Additionally, staff has to climb into the bushes to change the letters on the sign.  We need the bushes trimmed back to allow staff walking room. 

Sign Area 2.jpg
Dead Tree

This tree is located by the road at the front of the school.  Poor baby has seen better days.  It needs to be chain sawed down.

Image coming soon!

Flag Pole Area
Flag Pole 2.jpg
Flag Pole 3.jpg
Flag Pole 1.jpg

Where to start?!  

The flagpole area is quite a hodgepodge of plants.  This area needs to be cleaned up.  Possible plants need to be removed and some uniformity done.  Some students have gatherings in the mornings and currently have to stand in the bushes to be together.  We would like to have some pavers installed in the area to allow them room to spread out when they meet by the flagpole.  Additionally, its the first natural area visitors see when visiting our school.  Curb appeal is a must!

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 8.31.16 AM.png
Parking Lot Needs

We have removed the large road barrier signs and wish to purchase more of the flexible delineator posts to incur traffic to follow the appropriate routes.  We need to purchase five more.

Please use this link to purchase these items.

Picnic Tables Needed 
New Tables.jpg

We would like to receive approximately 4 more picnic tables for the front patio area.  This will enable more students to come outside for fresh air.  

Tables can be purchased by clicking here!

Commercial Shade Sails

The PTSO has purchased ten umbrellas and ten bases for immediate shade for the front patio area.  We would love to install commercial shade sails over the front patio area of the school. This is the perfect opportunity for local businesses to sponsor and get recognition!

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