Now more than ever, we need your financial support! 

Most people think that if our students are not in school, then the PTSO won't need their help.  That is simply not true!  Because of Covid19 and the impact this has had on our school, staff and students, we need your help, now more than ever!  

NWGMS PTSO supports many programs and curriculum on behalf of Northwest Guilford Middle School.  Without your support, we cannot continue to help our school where the school budget fails.  Please consider donating to our direct cash fundraiser today!  

Our 2020 goal is to raise $20,000!  This is no small task and we are asking everyone at NW Guilford Middle School to assist us.  

Students receive raffle tickets based on the value of the monetary donation.  Because our campaign will be primarily virtual (for now), the PTSO will work with parents to make sure we put the student's raffle tickets into the appropriate drawing.  Every student who participates will have a chance to win the grand prize.  Prizes will be raffled at the end of the fundraiser with drawing taking place on Friday, October 2nd.

Our 2020 Prizes are as follows: Apple AirPods, Apple Watch, and a Nintendo Switch.  Our grand prize is a laptop (perfect for our virtual learners)!   

Want to mail in your donation form?  Please download and print.

Thank you to Simply Southern for their support of our 2020 Viking Cash Crusade Fundraiser!

Thank you to our 2020-2021 Sponsors!