The NWGMS PTSO is proud to host the seventh annual direct donation, Viking Cash Crusade, fundraiser. Our fundraiser will not only aid our PTSO's mission of supporting our Staff and Students, but also in our quest to support Northwest Middle teachers with the resources needed to increase student engagement and literacy outcomes. We are hoping to raise a minimum of $20,000 from the Viking Cash Crusade Campaign and hope that you will help us achieve our goal.
To say thank you to our families for participating in the Viking Cash Crusade AND to make it fun for the students, we feature raffle prizes. Students receive raffle tickets based on the value of the monetary donation. Every student who participates will have a chance to win the grand prize (there will not be a prize bucket for the grand prize). Prizes will be raffled at the end of the fundraiser with drawing taking place on Friday, October 7.
We are hoping for 100% family participation in our Vikings Cash Crusade Campaign. The recommended amount is $100 per family, but all donations, larger or smaller, are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible. Please keep a copy of your check or online receipt for your tax purposes.
Please email us at with any questions or concerns.
Wish to donate via cash or check?  Download our form and send it to us!
Thank you to Maureena Shepherd and Associates for sponsoring the 2022 Viking Cash Crusade!

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